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As of 23/3/20 physical meetings are not allowed, so we will all need to make use of whatever technology we have to maintain our sobriety and avoid isolation. 


BELI insurance has now been renewed for 2021. Any face-to-face meetings MUST be COVID compliant.

Online meetings are being created by groups, online meetings should still be registered with GSO in York. Instructions are below. Please contact:

to inform BELI of your meeting and it can be listed on this page.

Follow this link for more online meeting information: 

If your meeting has moved online but is not yet showing as described above, or to make any other changes to your listing, don't complete a Pink Form, just email groupinformation@gsogb.org.uk

Please also observe the online safety guidelines here:

Safety in Zoom Meetings

A guide has been put together by members of the Fellowship to help people make the most of Zoom, protect individual anonymity and to prevent the meeting from being hijacked. Download it here (updated 17th April).

Due to the large number of group closures we are working under the assumption that groups are closed, unless GSO is informed otherwise, in which case a note will be placed on the Meeting Finder showing under the group details.

From AA GB: As detailed below and in emails to all Members in Service, we are updating the Meeting Finder with specifics of online meetings and this in some cases includes links to online providers offering Video and Audio meeting services. All Members should be particularly mindful of using their names and email addresses when starting and joining such meetings as often personally identifiable information is clearly visible when you log in or join. (Also see attached re anonymity)

While anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, personal anonymity is a personal responsibility.

Meeting : Time : Platform : Meeting ID : PIN

Dunbar Tuesday Step Meeting RETURNED TO LIVE MEETING
Dunbar Friday Big Book Meeting RETURNED TO LIVE MEETING

Eyemouth Thursday Meeting : 19:30 : Zoom : 747-984-140
Galashiels Monday Share Meeting :
20:00 : Zoom : 677-972-042 : 803873
Galashiels Wednesday Recovery Meeting : 20:00 : Zoom : 889-3303-6628 : 133642
Haddington Monday Share Meeting
: 20:00 : Zoom : 829-3223-7278 : 131054
Haddington Tuesday As Bill Sees It Discussion : 20:00 : 
Zoom : 762-1735-9157 : 364749
Haddington Thursday Step Meeting
: 19.30 : Zoom : 566-232-5128 : no password
Haddington Sunday Meeting
: 19:30 : Zoom : 824 2767 2129 : 976090
Musselburgh Wednesday Step Meeting: 
20:00 : Zoom : 121-257-989 : 012253
Musselburgh Friday Meeting :
20:00 : Zoom : 822-7293-6927 : 020559    
Peebles Tuesday Night Recovery Meeting
: 19:00 : Zoom : 741-8514-7018 : 335668
Peebles Sunday Meeting
: 20:00 : Zoom : 825-1806-0485 : 508852
Prestonpans Friday Meeting
: 12:00 : Zoom : 828-3890-7522 : 479329
Tranent Women's Tuesday Meeting : 19:30 : Zoom : 870-9130-6276 : 271786 NEW


Please log in to the software before the start time, to ensure a smooth & prompt beginning.

Here is the link to the latest Guidance from the Board regarding the re-opening of physical meetings. 

Share and Roundabout magazines are now also available online:

Download your pdf version of the magazines here:

Updated 20:00 16.05.2021