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5th September 2019. 

Report to Intergroup: NER Workshop: 

"Celebrating the Three Legacies -Our Inheritance."

This was a full day for the 9 Intergroup in the North East Region (NER).

It was well attended and three attenders from West Yorkshire Intergroup (WYI) Attended.   

The morning presentations described the Region and its relationship with the Intergroups, the Board of Trustees, and Conference UK.

Various members of Region explained these themes.

It ended with "carrying the message"...the key question for us all being 

"What do AA Fellowship members want from YOUR REGION"? 

There was no doubt that the more involved people were in their roles the more enthusiastic they became!

"You could never have planned this and in this way", said Lesley and James

"You walk into sobriety backwards" said another delegate, intriguingly!

And "Willingness without action is fantasy":  Clearly they were talking to the converted.

We couldn't really answer the "What do we want"? Question but our appetites were whetted.  Just in time for the excellent curry and brilliant lunch.

In the afternoon, more "Talking Heads" were assembled in teams (or dyads really) to take us further into : Experience, Strength and Hope on the 12 Steps.  

The 12 Traditions and the 12 Concepts:  Group discussions on these miracles of AA Structure were used to help us connect them to RECOVERY, UNITY AND SERVICE.

Without question these "tough old timers" put across their enthusiasm....

Frequent  were made to the "common thread" in the roomful of people.

However, of the three legacies, one couldn't help but feel, Service is the poor relation....NER mirrors other parts of AA in that less than 8 -3% of Trusted Servant Positions are filled. 

The 16 Trustees on the General Service Board are scrupulously vetted . Roger and  others at this event explained their role  and dedication.  Non Alcoholic Trustees (NATs) are hard to recruit but the ones in post are priceless advocates for our Fellowship.  Conference UK, the Conscience of AA, is clearly an eye opening experience  for those who have attended or served... The Home Group  is the bedrock, the foundation to everything, especially good strong recovery....

So the question of Service returns....How can we turn the  "$10 Word" as Bill W described it into a better Liquidity for our Fellowship?

What do we in WY Intergroup want from REGION ? 

Jim W (Regional Rep)