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Trusted Servant Experience

West Yorkshire Trusted Servant Experience 

Service at Group and Intergroup level is the bedrock of our sobriety, so say some very contented alcoholics. Whatever job you do you are never alone! Usually the previous occupant is only too willing to share their experience with you. In the case of Intergroup service, we have a whole steering committee waiting to share any concerns you may have. Here are some comments on the vacancies available at West Yorkshire Intergroup.

GSR Available now via your Group Conscience

I am the General Service Representative (GSR) of my home group; this means I have the privileged position of carrying our experience, thoughts, ideas, opinions, concerns and our contributions as a group to intergroup. It takes up very little time a couple of hours once every 6 weeks or so.

Intergroup is our connection between us as an individual group to other groups and the wider AA family as a whole. Where we can share in the wider experience of other groups and share our experience with them making us stronger and wiser as a whole, much as the individual does when they become part of a group.

This helps me grow further as an individual and helps me as a member of AA to fulfil our primary purpose and prepares me for interactions I may find myself in, in the wider world.

Intergroup Secretary

This role has so expanded my knowledge of the Fellowship and their concerns. In my earliest sober days in the Fellowship one of the mantras that was drummed in my head was "We need an informed group conscience" and that has been my role over the last 3 years. It has been a heady ride at times and a slog at others, I can please myself when I do things, but around the intergroup meetings, reports and agendas have to be processed. Any concerns are raised (and solved!) at Steering Committee meetings. There is a schedule with duties outlined; but as discussed in the Concepts, it gives me the authority to do things the way I want (subject to certain constraints!!!).

Public Information

To promote service opportunities in the fellowship of AA to pass the message to non-members in professional and non-professional areas. Hopefully this passes on the attraction rather than the promotion of our fellowship to those in need.

To get information to professional bodies (doctors, nurses, police, councils etc.).

Pass the message to young people, letting them know the signs of alcoholism and informing them we are ready to help them should they need us in the future.

When requested, ensure that events are covered by AA members, I do not attend all events personally.

The role is very enjoyable and rewarding, but it does test your patience and tolerance at times! If we save anybody from living with alcoholism (and perhaps death), it is worth it.

Letting the public know AA has worked for millions of people!

Telephone Service Coordinator

I really enjoy this role. As a telephone responder I've found no service role compares. I am directly in touch with the still suffering alcoholic. Being the coordinator for the helpline means I ensure that the information all the responders have is accurate and up to date. I do this by pooling the info from WR, WY and NY. Therefore the information the suffering alcoholic receives is as beneficial to them as possible. My role varies from updating the helpline rota and communicating updates with the responders to helping train new responders with the TLO's.