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July 2023

Dear Reader

As we look inward and upward for Step Seven, our spiritual growth is like the beautiful picture on our back cover this month – we reach for the sunlight of the Spirit. Working this Step initially just gave me a deeper understanding of this Programme of spiritual progress. Gradually, as we see the positive changes in our lives and by sharing our personal experiences with others, at meetings or writing an article for SHARE, we realise this is a Step which needs to be taken many times every day as the need arises (which for me it does – often!). I have always found the Step Seven prayer (BB p.76) keeps me focused on dealing with those defects of character which come up today and strengthens my resolve to do my best – just for today. It remains an essential part of my spiritual toolkit.

I also need to remember that Tradition Seven isn’t just about Groups being financially self-supporting - service positions need to be filled too. Am I doing my bit? keeping my life-balanced? encouraging/supporting others into service positions? It’s all part of the journey and thanks to this Spiritual Programme I have the opportunity every day to change and grow. Having copies of the latest AA Structure Handbook and AA Service Handbook available at every Group meeting does support Tradition Seven – they can be a starting point for a Fellow interested in taking up a service position in any part of our AA structure. Being sponsored into a role is, of course, advantageous but this is not always possible, particularly when a position has not been filled for a while. In order to keep fulfilling AA’s primary purpose it is vital that we all look to where we can be of maximum benefit so why not find out more about vacant positions, not just at Group but at intergroup, Region, Conference… the sky’s the limit.

In order to keep communications open throughout the Fellowship, it is important to have group details held at GSO as up-to-date as possible so every month we will now include a reminder, referencing where to find the ‘pink form’ on the AA website. 

Also, don’t forget that next month, in addition to Step, Tradition and Concept Eight, we are publishing your articles relating to Prisons – did you find sobriety in prison? Have you enhanced your journey by doing service for AA in prison? We look forward to reading all your articles.