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ALL of the Traditions have been born from experience, to protect both AA and the individual groups and ultimately, each individual alcoholic: Tradition Seven is no exception.

From complete irresponsibly with finances when I was in active alcoholism, either lavishly buying everyone in the bar a drink or being miserly beyond measure, I needed to learn and am still learning, to be respectful of money and use it to be of maximum service. 

Over my years in AA, I have seen groups fold because their Tradition Seven contributions were not making the rent, even when sometimes attendance was healthy and other meetings have stayed open with just a few members as their members contributions were sufficient to cover their costs and the meetings remained with a healthy reserve.

Today, what I do know is that the God of my understanding, Higher Power, Universal Spirit, is the ultimate authority and knows when meetings will close, open, reopen. It is for all members to know Tradition Seven, to know what and how their contributions support the group and how much is needed on a weekly basis.

Since the pandemic, I have been attending a lot more online meetings and enjoy the global network this has enabled me to connect with. However, often there is no mention of Tradition Seven. Although costs will be greatly reduced compared to meetings in a building with rental fees, I just wonder how this leaves meeting other expenses, such as the subscription fee for use of the online facility. I suppose it’s not my business and God knows, along with others who do service at these meetings.

I just need to take responsibility for my service, contribution and let go, let God.

MICHELLE, Plymouth