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Interlink magazine & Intergroup announcements

*** Interlink Quarterly Magazine ***

Interlink is a quarterly magazine that connects us to Intergroup. From regular reports from our Chair and Liaison Officers, to interactive Q&As to upcoming events and meetings, it’s an opportunity to check in with those doing service across the Southdown and to learn more about how we spread the message.

Published in February, May, August and November each year, Interlink is available on the website, at Intergroup Assemblies, via your GSRs and might even be found on the literature table at some AA meetings.

Interlink articles can be submitted by anyone, so if you’d like your words to be included in the next edition, have any thoughts or questions about Interlink or would like to subscribe please email;
The August 2023 issue can be found HERE
The May 2023 issue can be found HERE
The February 2023 issue can be found HERE
The November 2022 edition can be found HERE
The August 2022 edition can be found HERE
The May 2022 edition can be found HERE
The February 2022 edition can be found HERE
The September 2021 issue of Public Information Service News can be found HERE
There is a huge amount of readily accessible information held in the AA Document Library.  Copies of AA Service News are held here and updated by GSO

Intergroup vacancies

  • The Liaison Officers now work as a committee, if you have any great ideas for project / outreach work, please reach out 🙂
For further information on the above including a full description of roles and responsibilities please see ‘The AA Service Handbook for Great Britain’ and Southdown Intergroup Aims and Structure 2022 HERE
If you have been doing service at a local AA group and have more than two years sobriety you should consider doing service at Intergroup level as part of your ongoing spiritual development. You will need approval from your Group and Sponsor to apply.
Where possible incoming Officers will be sponsored into these roles.
To apply for any of these roles please contact our Intergroup Secretary