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Northamptonshire Intergroup

Welcome to Northamptonshire Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

Local Helpline: 01604 637788 (10am to 10pm) National Helpline: 0800 9177650 Online Responder Service (ORS)

New Meeting – Saturday 11am St Augustine’s Church Hall, London Road, Daventry, NN11 4BZ
New From 7th February – Wednesday 19.30pm The Daylight Centre, 10 High Street, Wellingborough, NN8 4HP

Meeting Closure – Tuesday 19.30 Long Buckby

What is Intergroup

The aims of an Intergroup are to aid local groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic and, by using their combined strength and unity to improve and maintain good relations with all organisations within the community.

Intergroup Officers

An intergroup should appoint a chair, vice chair. secretary, treasurer and members with other responsibilities as its officers. Some of these officers establish links with prisons, health, employment, probation, armed services and young people. Others such as Public Information Liaison Officers carry the message to the general public (schools, social services, police, doctors etc) while Telephone Liaison Officers ensure the smooth running of the local telephone helpline so that the still suffering alcoholic may be put in touch with an individual contact or AA group. Intergroup also has officers that promote Share magazine, officers who collect, preserve and share the rich and meaningful heritage of our fellowship (Archives) and officers who provide guidance with the use of AA email address for service work, updating local information on the intergroup webpages and checking for accuracy of local meetings (Electronic Communications).

Each group may send a representative to intergroup meetings. A Group Service Representative or GSR is a person elected by home group members to liaise between Intergroup and their home group. GSRs attend Intergroup meetings, bring back any issues and solutions arising from those meetings to their home group and vote at Intergroup according to their group conscience. Other AA members are welcome and encouraged to attend and join in but may not vote. More information on intergroup and officer roles can be found in the:

AA Service Handbook for Great Britain 2023
AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2023

Future Dates for Intergroup meetings:

All Intergroup meetings start at 8pm. Members have the option to attend via zoom (details to follow) or in person at: St Peter’s RC Church lounge, Higham Road, Rushden NN10 6AG. The postcode is for Hayway, but parking will be easier across the road on Peck Way NN10 6BD. Please avoid parking in the Home Bargains car park, as this will likely lead to a fine being issue

Tuesday 5th March 2024