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Information for GSRs

To be chosen to represent a group is to be given the opportunity to take part in AA’s Third Legacy, that of service, and to have the chance to become a trusted servant. The GSR should have at least two years’ continuous sobriety and should serve for a minimum of two years.

Group Service Representative

As the name suggests, the role of a GSR involves the following activities:

  • Regular attendance at the group you are serving
  • Going to intergroup assemblies
  • Having a good knowledge of group opinions, experiences and decisions
  • Having an ability to share these with neighbouring GSRs at intergroup assemblies
  • Being willing to share the experience of others with the home group

In addition to the above, another important role of the GSR is in ensuring that your meeting details are correct and kept up to date. Please go to the New Meetings and Updates page to check.

This service brings benefits and an added breadth to a “society of alcoholics in action”. You will see a broader spectrum of the AA Fellowship, meet members from many different groups and have more opportunities to carry AA’s message to the still suffering alcoholic. The role is described in more detail in the AA Structure Handbook on page 81.