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Public Information

Hastings & Rother Intergroup is always pleased to work with other agencies, professionals and individuals to explain the how Alcoholics Anonymous is organised and to how it has helped many alcoholics achieve and maintain their sobriety. We are able to provide information about AA, invite professionals and others to “open” meetings, provide talks at schools or in the workplace and to partner with professionals in any field where they may come into contact with alcoholics and would like to be able to offer AA as a solution.

We have liaison officers who work in the following areas, Public Information, Health, School Talks, Employment and Probation.

The role of the Health Liaison Officer is to co-operate with professional health care workers, in hospitals, treatment centres, GP’s surgeries and others whose remit includes contact with the active alcoholic. Our service can include a presentation which helps the health professional to understand how Alcoholic Anonymous works.

The schools outreach is typically housed within the PHSE /Life Skills programme for years 10 and 11. The film ‘Why Me’ is shown and speakers share their experience and journey together with a Q & A session. Four schools have been actively involved with AA talks within their PHSE lessons in the district over the past 30 months. In that time the school talks crew have spoken to over 3000 children. There are currently 15 members of local AA groups either speaking at schools or observing/supporting.

Please call our helpline on 01622 751842 where our telephone responders will be pleased to pass your request onto the relevant officer. Alternatively please email our Public Information Liaison Officer at