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Phoning into Hastings & Rother Zoom Meetings

How to use your telephone to give you audio in a video call on Zoom

The problem: You are able to join a Zoom call via your laptop/computer, and the video is working fine, but your audio is not good enough.

The solution: To use your phone to listen to the meeting and to speak to the meeting.

You do need a phone with a # key on it!

What to do

1) Join the Zoom meeting in the normal way on your computer/laptop.

2) Click on the up arrow next to Mute/Unmute.

3) A box pops up

4) Click on Switch to Phone Audio

5) A new Join Audio box pops up with a few lines of text and numbers (Meeting ID, Participant ID, etc) This box will not actually switch you to phone audio, it just gives you information you will need in the next stage! Leave this box up on the screen so you can read the numbers in a minute.

6) Phone in on your landline (or mobile): 020 3695 0088

7) When prompted, enter the Meeting ID number followed by # This Meeting ID number is on your computer screen, in that box. (For the Friday morning meeting, the number is currently: 8619 2735 169# )

8) When prompted, enter your Participant ID followed by # This Participant ID number is also on your computer screen, in that Switch to Audio box.

9) When prompted, enter the password followed by # This is also on your computer screen. (For Friday morning the password is: 074669# )

You should now be able to hear the meeting and speak to the meeting on your phone

10) On the computer screen, click Done to close the Join Audio window.

Your computer should now not be producing any audio from the meeting through its speakers. If it is, for some reason, then you can click on the up arrow next to Mute/Unmute again and select Leave Computer Audio.

Mute/Unmute & Raising Your Hand
Dial *6 to mute and then unmute yourself.
Dial *9 to raise your hand (and then to lower your hand)