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Last Updated on 8th May 2023 at 22:00
Meeting Information for East Herts/West Essex Hosted Meetings
East Herts/West Essex Intergroup Hosted Meetings
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Zoom Meeting ID: 832-0031-7216 – No Password
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Lunchtime (12:30 – 13:30) Evening (20:15 – 21:15)
Day Location Format Location Format
Monday Epping Open Share Upshire Chair Meeting
Tuesday Hertford Daily Reflections Bishops Stortford Step Meeting
Wednesday Sawbridgeworth Feelings Meeting Saffron Walden Big Book Study
Thursday Harlow As Bill Sees It Bishops Stortford Traditions Meeting
Friday Hertford Open Share Hoddesdon Chair Meeting
Saturday Bishops Stortford As Bill Sees It Hertford Living Sober
Sunday TBA Chair Meeting Waltham Cross As Bill Sees It
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Wider (National) On-line Meetings
Notes about Zoom, Skype and other on-line meeting tools
Anonymity: When using on-line meeting tools PLEASE remember to protect your own and others’ anonymity. Your on-line name (handle, nick, whatever) should be pseudonymous and so should the meeting name. You should also not use a photograph as a profile picture.
Conferencing solutions that allow dial-in: Some conferencing solutions allow dial-in from an ordinary ‘phone line where set up by the meeting organiser. All work in exactly the same way: You dial the number given and follow the instructions given by the service. At some point, you will be asked to dial the relevant conference or meeting ID, and you will likely be asked to record your name. when doing so, PLEASE record something pseudonymous. That’s it.
To find Zooms web site, search “Zoom” in your favorite search engine. Follow the link that takes you to the Zoom Video Conferencing site, then either:
You should download and install the Zoom app for the device you will be using. Once intalled, you can launch the app and enter the meeting ID after clicking the “Join” button. Note that you may be required to enter a password, depending on settings for the meeting you are joining.
Note that Zoom does not require participants to have a Zoom account. The meeting organiser does need an account, though.
If you are running a supported browser, on the Zoom website, you may click the “Join a Meeting” link at the top of the page. On the Join a meeting page, enter the meeting ID and then click the Join button. Follow instructions from there.
UK dial-in numbers for Zoom: 020 3966 3809 and 020 3695 0088