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East Herts/West Essex Intergroup


For a list of meetings affiliated with the East Herts/West Essex Intergroup including times and dates, please see below. You can download a list of meetings in PDF format using the appropriate link on the left-hand side of this page.

Quarterly Intergroup Meetings

Each AA group in the East Herts/West Essex Intergroup area has chosen a member, called a Group Service Representative, or GSR, to attend the quarterly East Herts/West Essex Intergroup meetings. If you have any questions about the GSR role or you have a question that you would like raised at intergroup meeting talk to your local meeting GSR.

Telephone Helpline

If you need any information please call either 01923 211122 or the national AA helpline on 0800 9177 650 where you will be able to speak to someone local to you.

To search for specific meetings, please use our Meeting Finder.