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Public Information

Welcome to the Public Information area of the website.

It is intended that these pages will provide a complete resource for liaison officers who are interested in providing information about AA to the public and professionals, as well as supporting those who already work within this service discipline.

Many new PI initiatives are taking place in various parts of the country, these pages are a facility to share those initiatives and resources, by submitting them to the Public Information Sub Committee of the General Service Board (see below).

Various PI resources can be downloaded from the sections. These resources will have evident links to the Document Library.

The latest news and forthcoming events can be obtained from PI Service News.

 To submit articles or be included on the electronic distribution list please contact: aainformation@gsogb.org.uk

Feedback on the PI resources available, and how these pages might be improved is always welcome and can be directed to "PI Sub Committee".

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The aim of our Public Information service discipline is to improve communications with professionals and the public, through cooperating with various external organisations in providing a free service to help with the growing problem of alcoholism.

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AA and the Media

Alcoholics Anonymous works towards bringing more communication, understanding, respect and co-operation between AA and any professional who works with alcoholics.

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Information for Professionals

AA resources available when working with Professionals can be found in this section.

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PI Resources

Carrying the AA message through PI activities can vary as each organisation, or meeting, may have different requirements as to how they would like the message put across.

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PI Sub Committee - Vacancies

Vacancies for the Public Information discipline can be viewed here.

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