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Electronic Communications

Details of our First Response Online and Chat Now can be found in the following pages.

The national AAGB website is located at www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk, and is administered on behalf of the Fellowship by the General Service Board via the First Response Online and by the General Service Office (GSO) of Great Britain.

In addition to the First Response Online, Chat Now and GSO staff, the website services are supported by Third Party Suppliers for server hosting. Technical support work may be outsourced by the General Service Board.

Alcoholics-Anonymous.org.uk is a multifunction site with dedicated areas allocated to fulfilling our Primary Purpose and to providing services to the Fellowship.

Region and Intergroup Microsites

Regional & Intergroup microsites information can be found here

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Website - using it on differing devices

Information about how this website works on different devices, desktop and mobile phones

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Chat Now Service

Find out all about our Chat Now teams, apply for a position as a Responder.

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