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Region and Intergroup Microsites

Region and Intergroup Microsites

Within our website, there is a section called "Regional & Local Websites" (known as 'microsites'.) Each Region and each Intergroup has been allocated a space over which they have editorial control, provided that the content is covered by whatever guidelines may be in place.

Each microsite has ten pages.

  • The Home Page is a default page - it will always be there. In its minimal form it will contain the just name of the I/G or Region. It can be edited to contain further details.
  • List ... Meetings as also a default page. It cannot be edited. On Intergroup microsites, it will show all meetings in that area, (This list is as up-to-date as the most recent 'Pink Form' received by GSO.)
    There is also an option to download this list as a PDF file.
  • The remaining pages do not show in the index until they are created by the officer who edits the microsite.

Administrator access to the  Regional and Intergroup microsites

Log on details and passwords for all microsites were issued in August 2013. Passwords can be re-issued or changed by request to the Electronic Communications Sub-Committee on https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/Members/Service/Helpdesk. Such a request should be made by the ECLO or Chair or Secretary. The ECSC will check the Confidential Directory for confirmation before acceding to the request.



The URL for each microsite is very long. For example:


It is possible to use a shortened version e,g.  aa-gb.org/cumbernauld

Please apply to ECSC on https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/Members/Service/Helpdesk for a shorter version of your URL.