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Share Your AA Life With Intergroup Archive

The next 25 years of the History of AA in Jersey is being compiled.


Please share your experience of those years.

Where was your first meeting?  How did you contact AA?

Do you remember Meetings at Aquila Road Methodist Church?

Were you involved in finding venues for Meetings between1976 and 2001?

What was Intergroup  like in the 1980s or 1990s?

Have you memories of AA Meetings at Sacre Couer 

What were Meetings like in Jersey in the 1990s? Were there many members?

What was happening regarding Public Information, Health, Probation, Prison,            Telephone Liaison and other service disciplines in Jersey AA before 2000?

Did you visit Jersey AA between 1976 and 2001?

Can you share anything about the Groups in the country parishes; Gorey. St Ouen. St Brelade?

Did you start coming to AA in Jersey in the 1980s?

Written shares can be sent to jsyintergrouparchive@gmail.com  or passed on via Intergroup.