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Regional Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are the South Midlands Regional Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Region is comprised of Region Representatives from the constituent Intergroups, Liaison Officers who work with various local authorities and services and Region Officers who ensure the smooth running of Region assembly meetings. From here on Liaison Officers and Region Officers will be referred to as Region Servants.

It is the Electronic Communications Liaison Officer of this Region who is responsible for advising on the collection and storing of data on behalf of this Region. They can be contacted at ecomm.sm@aamail.org.

What information we collect

We collect the names, email addresses and home addresses of those who volunteer in the South Midlands Region. Region Servants collect personal contact information from both members in service and contacts in relation to their service discipline.

The Region Secretary collects this information both personally and via email. This information is used to keep the volunteer member informed about Region activities. This information is stored in a spreadsheet that is stored securely on the Secretary‚??s computer, on the AA GSO server/filestore or other secure online location and is shared with Region Servants and the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous in York.

How we share information

The contact information for members and servants is shared within the Region Assembly members and with the General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous (UK) in order to allow the General Service Office to contact the individuals also. This is primarily by mail but can also be via email. Click here to read the privacy statement of the General Service Office.

We never share your information with third parties.

How you can unsubscribe or ask to be forgotten

If you no longer wish to be contacted by email, simply reply to any email and ask to be removed from the list.

If you wish to have all your personal information removed permanently, please email ecomm.sm@aamail.org. This request will also be passed to General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous (UK).