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Intergroup Officers & Vacancies


East Sussex Intergroup continues to work closely within its communities and maintains relationships with many agencies, professionals and individuals to pass on the message of Alcoholics Anonymous and how it has helped many of our members achieve and maintain sobriety. 

We have Intergroup officers who work within the following areas. If you think you have qualities that fit any of these positions and have a suggested 2 years or more of continued sobriety, please read the guidelines for that role in the AA Service Handbook and come and talk to a serving officer in your local group or contact anyone involved in East Sussex Intergroup. The email addresses of Intergroup Officers is given below.

If you have a specific question for any of the serving officers you can contract them below

Role                                                                         Email Address                                                        Status

Archivist                                                              archives.esussex@aamail.org                                         Filled
Armed Services Liaison Officer                   aservices.esussex@aamail.org                                       Vacant
  Chair chair.esussex@aamail.org Filled
   Convention Convenor convention.esussex@aamail.org                                     Filled
Electronics Communication (ECLO) comm.esussex@aamail.org Filled
Employment Liaison Officer                       Waiting for email address                                                Vacant
Health Liaison Officer                                 health.esussex@aamail.org                                              Filled
Prison Liaison Officer                                  Waiting for email address                                                Vacant
Probation Liaison Officer                            Waiting for email address                                                Vacant
Public Information                                       pi.eastsussex@aamail.org                                                Filled
Regional Representative                             regionrep.esussex@aamail.org                                  Permanent x 2
Secretary                                                     secretary.esussex@aamail.org                                          Filled
Share Representative                                  share.esussex@aamail.org                                                Filled
Telephone Liaison Officer                          telephones.esussex@aamail.org                                         Filled
Treasurer                                                    treasurer.esussex@aamail.org                                         Filled
Twelve Step Responder                              Waiting for email address                   Vacant
Vice Chair                                                   vice-chair.esussex@aamail.org                                         Filled

Please call the free national helpline 0800 9177 650 where you can be put through to a local responder or email help@aamail.org.