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The Aims of The Region

The aims of the region are to promote communication and cooperation between neighbouring intergroups, thus implementing our Tradition of Unity and creating service boards or committees  where needed.

To ensure that the region recognise areas that are sparsely served by the Fellowship do not remain isolated but become part of that region's responsibility.

To share intergroup experience in the field of cooperation with outside agencies, prisons, health services, schools, social services, alcohol abuse agencies, churches, courts, probation service, industry, and any other appropriate institutions and areas of society.

To increase opportunities for members to participate in our Third Legacy of Service.

To enable members with particular experience to serve a wider area.

More information on The Region can be in the AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain 2023

Future Dates for Midland Region Assembly:

All regional meetings are held on a Sunday and start at 10:30 am.  The full day meetings generally finish by 3:30 pm.

24 March 2024 - Pre Conference
19 May 2024 - Post Conference
14 July 2024 - Community Liaison and Business
22 September 2024 - Business and First Response Workshop
17 November 2024 - AGM