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Prison Service

There are weekly meeting at Wormwood Scrubs each Thursday afternoon starting at 1400.  The average attendance is about 8 or 9 prisoners (from a list of maximum 12).

We urgently need new co-secretaries to help with these meetings.

The meeting follows the usual format of Preamble, introductions and chair followed by sharing round the cicle. No prison staff are present during the meeting which lasts for an hour.

Each secretary must have had clearance from the prison authorities and this process can take 2 ?? 3 months. The invited chairs require an intent to visit document to be prepared in advance and photo ID is checked on arrival on the day. Details required are: full name, date of birth and full address which is sent to the prison in the week prior to the meeting.

Please invite members of your groups to contact me if they would like to attend and give a chair at one of these meetings. Anyone who attends as a visitor can only do this up to a maximum of three times a year so we are always keen to hear from members who have not been before.  It is also useful to now if a potential chair is available to come to the prison at short notice.  Anyone interested in becoming a prison co-secretary, also please let me know.

Address for Wormwood Scrubs is: Du Cane Road London, W12 0AE and the nearest tube is East Acton. There is a car park opposite the main gate but it is not large and is expensive.

If you can help with this vital form of service, please contact: