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Intergroup Service and Vacant Positons

The groups are the powerhouse of Alcoholics Anonymous, and all related service committees, boards and officers exist primarily to serve them. Thus, the aim of Intergroup is to support the groups in the common purpose of carrying the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic and, by using their combined strength and unity, to develop and maintain good relations with all organisations in the community.

PI Service

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 Vacant Positions

Region Representative - 3 years sobriety required

The Region Representative links Intergroup and its GSRs to the wider Fellowship of AA via London Region North, in exactly the same way as the GSR is the vital link between the Group and Intergroup. Region Reps from all the London Intergroups North of the River gather quarterly (on the first Sunday morning in March, June, September and December) to share experience and hear what is happening on the Regional Sub-committees and the Board of Trustees. The Regional bodies are purely administrative; budgetary decisions, election of officers and so on are all passed by conscience of the GSRs in the annual General Assembly or pre- and post-Conference meetings, but it's where proposals for those are hammered out, application of the Traditions and Concepts discussed and recommendations made.

Public Information Liaison Officer - 2 years sobriety required

The job of the Public Information (PI) Officer is firstly to inform the wider public community and agencies, in the catchment area, of the help available to anyone who thinks they might have a problem with alcohol. This can be achieved through literature, requested PI information talks and working with the other officers who deal with Health or Education. Normally a PI officer will have a team of members willing to help distribute information or be part of a requested talk.

Prison Liaison Officer 2 years sobriety required

General guidelines applying to all Intergroup PLOs include keeping informed via Region and GSO on Home Office and Conference policy with regards to specific subjects such as parole, the use of AA tapes and other published AA materials, and helping prison sponsors with problems and concerns. The GSO and General Service Board maintain excellent contact with the Home Office Prison Department. Intergroup should communicate with GSO regarding problems that may arise. The Prison Liaison coordinates closely with the Probation Representative and arranges prison sponsors to carry the message to inmates through correspondence and one-to-one contact. The PLO is expected to attend monthly Intergroup meetings and make a short verbal report of current activities.

Treasurer - 2 years sobriety required

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping account of all Intergroup finances; ensuring that funds are available for essential current requirements while maintaining a prudent reserve of about two monthsâ?? expenditures. The Treasurer will be expected to attend the Intergroup meetings and report the balance remaining for prompt transfer through the service structure to the General Service Office. The Treasurer ensures that the accounts are open to inspection at all times and pays routine bills and reimburses other officers for their expenses.

This booklet contains full descriptions of the West End Service Committee positions, and an outline of the role of Group Service Representative (GSR). In the tradition of AA, these are meant as guidelines and not rules. They are intended to be of assistance to any AA member interested in being involved in Intergroup service.

For further info please contact: chair.Inwe@aamail.org