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The Chelsea Messenger

The Chelsea Messenger is now online!

Please click the link below to download an electronic copy:

A note from the Editor:

Welcome to the Mid-Winter 2021 Issue (No 358) of The Chelsea Messenger - out today - once again also done in a digital format because of the Coronavirus to make sure everyone got one. I hope you like it and please feel free to pass it on. This issue is also being put on the internet on the Chelsea Intergroup website to make it easier in these troubled times - hopefully with an end in sight too. The cover depicts a situation I found myself in years ago when somewhat newly sober, I was up in the highlands of Scotland just before Christmas when I was being taken to a local meeting, walking through the forest and the snow that had covered everything which had been falling for the last few days - the glimmer of light from the bothy in the distance being the only sign of life. Nobody said anything as we trudged along towards it but more hope filled me the closer we got. Eventually, I asked if that was where the meeting was and got the reply, Yes, every Friday night, rain or shine,
that is where it is!
On arrival a great greeting with the memorial word Welcome! after I opened the door. Never forget it nor the eight people there. This issue of The Chelsea Messenger is centred on that and the great feeling of warmth that surrounds us when we least expect it. I hope you like it.
Kind regards, George P.
P.S. Why not take a minute while in a reflective mood to send in a short article on one of the following subjects and how it helped you stay away from a drink one day at a time to me at at george.powers@tiscali.co.uk or give me a call on 07767 498592 which might trigger something in someone too:

1. The Death of the Eight O-Clock Whiskey (132 words). 2. A Trip Down Memory Lane (66 words) 3. Home At Last (170 words) 4. Rant (a short article on something you really don't like like about A.A.) (67 words) 5. Prayer and Paradise (120 words) 6. Rave (a short article about something you love about A.A.) (75 words)
I look forward to hearing from you!

Updated 19.01.2021