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Vacant Service Positions

The following service positions are currently vacant within the East London Intergroup:

More in depth details of these vacant positions and all other service commitments can be found in the General Service Handbook. You can download this here

Employment Liaison Officer

The responsibility of the Employment Liaison Office (ELO) is to carry AA's message to employers within their local area supported by intergroup and region and a PI/Service Committee if one exists.

An established period of sobriety (ideally not less than three years) and a thorough knowledge of the AA service handbook for Great Britain are necessary before accepting this role. Willingness to commit to three years service and the ability to deal with a wide range of professional people and talk  about AA when invited to do so, are also qualities which have proven to be desirable.


The Archivist is the person responsible for the collection, its documents and artefactual items. He or she takes care of, and maintains, the physical integrity of the collection and is instrumental in its further development. The Archivist is also responsible for ensuring the protection of the anonymity of its members and the confidentiality of the AA records. 

The function of the Archivist can be considered therefore to be twofold: primarily a custodial responsibility for assuring the physical integrity of the collection and its availability to persons with a valid reason for study; and also the parallel and critical role of data gatherer. It is in this latter capacity that service can be rendered to Bill W's urging that archives are needed "so that myth doesn't prevail over fact". In a real sense then, AA Archivists are "keepers of the past".

Young People's Liaison Officer

The YPLO will be someone who came into AA at the age of 30 or younger, and so will have experience of getting sober at a young age, the better to relate to the particular problems faced by young people seeking to live sober. They should have a good working knowledge of the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions and the AA Service and Structure Handbooks GB. It is recommended that Young People's Liaison Officers should have ideally at least two years' continuous sobriety when elected, and should serve for a maximum of three years. YPLOs will work closely with other service officers, in particular those in Public Information. The main tasks of YPLOs will include: 

  • Receiving and answering email, telephone and other enquiries from young people
  • Sharing experience, strength and hope about getting sober at a young age
  • Assisting Public Information Officers with presentations where the audience is likely to include a significant proportion of young people, e.g. talks to schools, universities, young offenders' institutions etc.
  • Helping to develop PI material which will carry a clear message to young people
  • Developing contact lists of those who came into AA at or before the age of 30 who are available and willing to assist with talks, 12-Step calls and other service to help, in particular, young people
  • Encouraging young people to enter into all aspects of service (where the recommended qualifications for sobriety are met). Younger people are needed in all service disciplines, in part to ensure that the perspective of young people is represented
  • Supporting AA activities such as Workshops, Conventions and PI events aimed at young alcoholics both within and outside the YPLO's Intergroup or Region
  • Participating in the work of the General Service Board's Young People's Project Team for as long as that Team is convened 
  • Establish close working relations with other service posts, in particular the Public Information Officer
  • Report to each intergroup meeting to keep intergroup informed on a regular basis. A copy of each intergroup report should be sent to the Regional YPLOs, who should be kept informed of developments in the intergroup
  • Attend regional Workshops when available, and keep in contact with the Regional Liaison Officer
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