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February 2023

Read an extract from our latest issue here

Dear Reader

I have always loved the fact that Step Two says “Came to believe…” not just “Believe…”. Having embraced Step One in its entirety, what was I left with? I needed the rest of the Steps and the willingness to work through them with a truly open mind. For some it may take a while to find that Power but, for many, having made that first connection to their own Higher Power, their understanding may change and evolve during their journey in sobriety. All that matters is that we find and continue to connect to a Power greater than ourselves.

With Tradition Two, I am reminded of how important it is that we have regular group conscience meetings to allow everyone to have their voice heard – we are a Fellowship which evolves based on the collective wishes of our membership. Sadly, no Tradition Two articles were received in time for this month’s publication.

The background for the new style SHARE was that at Conference 2019, Committee 2 recommended: “That the General Service Board should undertake a project to establish a better understanding of how our Fellowship is perceived by both the general public and the professional community... That we are producing a clear, cohesive and attractive visual identity. That professional advice is sought to bring our literature and other communications materials in line with the following objectives: 

  • clear, cohesive and attractive visual identity 
  • to enhance the positive image and benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous as a free resource (mutual help and recovery) 
  • to support the efforts of AA’s public information service disciplines to connect with the professional community and the public at large 
  • to consider the appropriate presence of AA in all forms of digital media 
  • to ensure that our literature and other communications materials are suitable for use in Continental European Region e.g., telephone helpline number and website information”

Following a presentation of the new identity to Conference 2022, the Fellowship gave us the mandate to bring you this new look SHARE magazine as laid out by the project. 

And so, with a truly open mind, we set to - and now hope you are enjoying our new style SHARE.


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