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May 2023

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During March we had our first in-person Roundabout Liaison Officer Workshop since March 2020 - it was great to be back together again and welcome new RLOs in their Service positions. Thank you to everyone for helping to make the day successful and over the next few issues we shall be able to introduce some of the suggestions. Another thanks to those from GSO who attended and the GSB.

Thank you for all the articles that have been submitted recently - we’ve had a flurry of submissions which certainly makes putting the issues together a little easier. I’m not sure if everyone at our recent Workshop expected to have to write articles on the day, but they took it in good spirit and helped add to the pile - thank you.

In this issue some of our focus is on Steps Six and Seven. I remember several years ago, hearing about character defects and the idea of asking for them to be removed. In the same conversation, I also remember being told I couldn’t ask for some to be removed but then choose to keep some! All character defects had to go - although they still rise up at times, but now I am aware and know what to do with them!

Remaining 2023 Themes:
July - Living Sober
August - You Are No Longer Alone
September - Steps 8 and 9
October - Came to Believe
November - Steps 10, 11 and 12
December - The Promises

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org

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9    Beyond My Wildest Dreams
10  A Twenty-Year Anniversary
12  66th Scottish National Convention
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13    The Roundabout Interview
17    Extracts From AA Literature
19    Love In Fellowship
21    AA History Corner
24    The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
25    The Twelve Traditions

Roundabout Magazine May 2023

The Roundabout Interview

What first brought you to AA? Sheer desperation, shame, humiliation and the realisation I could no longer live with the person I had become.

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A Twenty-Year Anniversary

"I still have that desire and hope I still will as I approach my twentieth anniversary."

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