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June 2023


Gratitude - such an important aspect of sobriety. It does me good to take a moment and remember the reasons I am grateful that I eventually found AA, the people within and got sober. I’m very aware that if I forget to be grateful, my sobriety will soon start to suffer and also that the ripple effect this will have on those around me will be horrific. When I first came into AA I would hear a local member (still a dear friend today) talk about being
able to go to sleep at night and be thankful for the day. This was such a contrast to how I felt before getting sober – I was certainly not grateful to be alive or to have to suffer another day! Today though, I sometimes think I might burst with gratitude. I am grateful I am alive; my family are still in my life; I can hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing and life has the colour back in it – it was so grey when I first came to AA. If you are new to AA
and that grey colour is familiar, please hang in with us and wait for the colour!

I’m also grateful I can be here for the newcomer and to be able to honestly tell them that life can be OK. This issue of Roundabout falls within Gratitude Week; a chance for members who can afford it, to give a little extra to AA. You can read more about this on page 17.

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