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April 2023

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When I joined AA and a few months down the line asked about sponsors, I was told “Find someone who has what you want and go after it”, and I was also warned they might say no! This second bit of advice was valuable. Everyone had been so welcoming in AA, I needed that warning that I might need to ask a few people first as that is exactly what happened! I now know how important that was, that they knew they couldn’t give the time I would need and also put their own sobriety first.

As our ‘Points to Ponder’ mentions on page 7, we have a responsibility to the newcomer and to our sponsees, but we must remember to put our own sobriety first.

Within this issue we have a variety of articles around members’ first meetings and attempts to get sober; the weight that can be lifted when we do get sober;  the ripple effect those around  experience during our own sobriety and also a reminder of the importance of service and keeping the meeting doors open.

If I can also take this opportunity to ask you to consider applying to join the Rounadabout Subcommittee - more details on the opposite page.

Remaining 2023 Themes:
June - Gratitude
July - Living Sober
August - You Are No Longer Alone
September - Steps 8 and 9
October - Came to Believe
November - Steps 10, 11 and 12
December - The Promises

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org

1    Preamble
2    Subcommittee Noticeboard
3    Editorial
4    There Had To Be A Better Life
5    Today I Am Free
6    Serenity In My Life
8    In Love With AA
9    Fellowship Diaries and Calendars
10    Gratitude
11    Sobriety In Every Aspect Of My Life
12    66th Scottish National Convention
i    Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv    Group Information
13    The Roundabout Interview
16    AA History Corner
18    Where Is AA Going?
20    Extracts From AA Literature
23    Subscribe To Roundabout
24    The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
25    The Twelve Traditions

April 2023 Roundabout