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Aims of Region

The aims of Region are:

  • To promote communication and cooperation between neighbouring intergroups, thus implementing our Tradition of Unity and creating service boards or committees where needed
  • To ensure that areas within Wales & Borders that are sparsely served by the Fellowship do not remain isolated, but become part of Region’s responsibility
  • To share intergroup experience in the field of co-operation with outside agencies, prisons, health services, schools, social services, alcohol abuse agencies, churches, courts, probation service (Criminal Justice Services in England & Wales), industry and employment agencies, also any other appropriate institutions and areas of society
  • To increase opportunity for members to participate in our Third Legacy of Service
  • To enable members with particular experience to serve a wider area

The Regional Assembly is the body formed to achieve these aims and is composed of :

  • Up to three elected representatives from each Intergroup Assembly Regional Officers as follows: Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer (The Executive)
  • Plus Liaison Officers from the following service areas:
  • Public Information, Employment, Health, Prisons, Criminal Justice Services, Telephones, Roundabout, Electronic Communications, Armed Services, Young People
  • Up to six Conference Delegates and 2 Alternate Delegates
    General Service Board Member
  • Co-opted members (e.g. Archivist, Convention Convenor etc.)