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September 2016

"Where any civilisation or society declines, one condition is present, they forgot where they came from."


The General Service Board (GSB) and Conference of AA GB reaffirm their commitment to and support for archival activity as a vital and integral part of the healthy life and growth of the Fellowship.  The GSB recognises the urgent need for accurate records to be rescued, retained, collated and used in a manner which dispels myth and allows the Fellowship to reach a truer perspective, revealing our real heritage and ensuring our future.

The aims of the Sub Committee include implementation of Conference recommendations.  Further, and more specific, details may be found in the guiding document of the Archives Sub Committee entitled "Archives Policy and Procedures Manual".


A GSB Sub Committee may comprise a minimum of four (4) and a maximum of eight (8) members and is chaired by a Board Trustee.  This may vary from time to time, dependant on workload.  The Archives Sub Committee will also include the Fellowship Archivist. A member of staff will continue to manage and administer the GSO Archives for members wishing to consult them.

Archives may meet up to five (5) times annually, including an Annual Archivists meeting.  Meetings take place at the General Service Office (GSO), York.  GSB Sub Committees use Microsoft to carry out their day-to-day business.

Qualifications and Terms of Office

An Archives Sub-Committee member should be active in AA service and shall have at least five years continuous sobriety at the time of application.  All Sub Committee members serve for a maximum of four consecutive years.  Their details will be held at GSO.

A Sub Committee member may be re-appointed to Archives, or another GSB Sub-Committee, provided it is more than a year since she/he has left the Archives Sub-Committee and there is no other suitably qualified candidate.

If a member absents themselves from the Sub Committees' active work or from three consecutive meetings, without apology, they will be deemed to have resigned.

Vacancies will be determined by the Trustee and advertised in AA Service News and on the AA GB website, ensuring the best use of resources.  The closing date will be at least three weeks before a scheduled Nominations Committee (NOMs) meeting.


Minutes of each meeting are to be made available to GSO, York, for distribution to all GSB Trustees as soon as possible after each meeting.  Any projects should be described in full (including risk assessment) and presented to the GSB for approval.  An annual budget will be prepared for GSB approval.  All reasonable expenses should be claimed, via GSO, as soon as possible after any meeting.  Members of the Executive Committee of the GSB and the General Secretary may attend any meeting, as may Trustees from other disciplines - subject to invitation and GSB approval.

The full Policy and Procedures document can be found in the Archivists Resources folder in the Document Library, here

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