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The Fellowship of AA presents us with some interesting paradoxes. We frequently hear our fellows, particularly those who ‘have been around a while' say that they never, ever think of drink yet they will most likely attend a few meetings each week to talk about and listen to nothing but personal accounts of the horrendous carnage that befalls us and ours if we do drink. We can't afford to stop hearing this. We know what they mean, though!

Perhaps the greatest paradox of all is that, for us, recovery from active alcoholism is completely free, in monetary terms, yet all the money in the world couldn't buy the outsider what our simple Programme of Recovery promises - contented sobriety and control of our own lives.

All that's initially required from us to accept this wonderful gift is an admission to our innermost self and an absolute acceptance that we are powerless over alcohol and that our lives are unmanageable, a willingness to accept at the very least that some power greater than ourselves can restore us and then a willingness to let that Higher Power, a God of our own understanding, do just that.

Those three short Steps are the first in our 12 Step Programme of Recovery which, if followed through thoroughly with the help of a sound sponsor, and applied in our life on a daily basis, is absolutely infallible.

It doesn't cost us a penny and all that's required of us to keep what we get is to share our experience, strength and hope with others. That is priceless.  


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