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Our Annual General Service Conference is now only a couple of months away and this annual forum is where and when the entire Fellowship provides answers to topical questions from within the Fellowship with the aim of keeping ourselves 'up to speed' and ensuring we continue to carry our message as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Every single one of us in the Fellowship has much more than a right to participate in this process ... we have a responsibility to do so.

We will all, by now, have seen and read the questions for discussion this year. Please give these questions some thought and debate within your home group and forward your responses to your intergroup via your GSR. Your intergroup will discuss group returns and agree a composite reply to each question and will, in turn, forward these responses to your regional assembly. There, all the constituent intergroup's responses will be considered and a final response agreed upon for the region's Conference Delegates to take to Conference for final discussion and debate within the various committees.

No one should be overawed by any of the questions or feel obliged to suggest changes just for the sake of changes. Many of the questions take the form of 'Share experience of ... and make recommendations ...'. It may well be the case that, after proper consideration, your response or indeed your group's response is that you have shared your experience and your experience is that everything is working very well and you have no recommendations to offer.

The important matter is that the questions are discussed openly and honestly and that everyone's opinion is heard.

Our Twelfth Step is all about carrying our message to the still-suffering alcoholic and this entire process is about ensuring we do so as well as we possibly can.

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11. Real Dreams Of Happiness

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