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Intergroup contacts

An Intergroup is a local AA service office, established and supported by AA groups and members, to help carry the AA message within a specific geographic area; it is a partnership of AA groups just as an AA group is a partnership of individuals.

Each AA group in the Wiltshire and Bath area choose a member, called a Group Service Representative, or GSR, to attend the quarterly Wiltshire Intergroup meetings.

From our pool of GSRs, we have elected certain individuals into Intergroup voluntary posts. These posts include the coordination of people answering help-line calls and providing 12th Step support, the production of a local list of meetings (Where to Find) and liaising with local armed services, employers, health professionals, prisons, probation officers, schools, etc.

We also have 3 volunteers who represent our Intergroup at meetings of the South Midlands Region, passing useful information in both directions.

If you have any questions about these roles, you should ask your GSR, or you could click on the appropriate link to communicate directly with the relevant Intergroup Officer: