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South East Wales Intergroup

Welcome to the Alcoholics Anonymous South East Wales Intergroup website, here you will find general information about A.A. and also up to date information about meetings in the South Wales area which includes Cardiff, Newport, Chepstow, Barry, Caerphilly and the Valleys. Cardiff meetings at Theobold Road, Canton are not listed within this section as they are members of The Sough Glamorgan Intergroup. Meetings are frequent at this location and the venue and fellows represent a solid recovery core and message. Meeting lists can be found by locating Cardiff in the ‘Find a Meeting’ section of the AA website or following this link.

The site is intended for use by both existing members of Alcoholics Anonymous and those that are curious about us. If you are the latter then it may be that you think you have a problem with alcohol or that you know somebody with a drink problem, either way please feel free to look around but first read the rest of this page.

The fundamental question that could be asked of anybody wondering whether they have a drink problem is this: “Is alcohol costing you more than money?”
There are many things to consider in answering that question so rather than write an exhaustive list here we ask that you take some time to look over the AA website containing plenty of invaluable material

If you have already done that and you are still reading this then that’s great, because now you can begin to do something about it. Here are few suggestions to get you going:

Phone the National Helpline number at the top of this page.
Email us and ask us questions or tell about yourself.
Go to the main website and learn more.
Go along to a meeting and listen to what others have to say.

Hopefully, there are enough choices that you can feel comfortable with at least one of them. As existing members of A.A. we each would have used one or more of these suggestions, but to a person we each would say that attending meetings and talking to others, that at some point in their lives have been in the same situation, is what really helped.

You may feel that attending a meeting is a really big step, but don’t worry, many of us had feelings of apprehension and anxiety about going to an A.A. meeting. Once we got passed that hurdle we came to realise that it is the best thing we could have done. We therefore believe it is the best thing that you can do.

So, take your time, follow the above suggestions as best suits you, but do come to see us some day soon.

The list below indicates all meetings within this Intergroup. To search for specific meetings, please use our Meeting Finder.