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The History of Shropshire Intergroup

Many groups have started up and then passed into history. Chris D remembers attending a meeting at the catholic church in Donnington. Another group held meeting in the scout hut at the back of Adams Grammar Newport. A few have tried to get a group going in Whitchurch but they have not lasted.

There are a few groups in Shropshire I have little background data on. If anyone has information about these groups please email the details.

The groups that I would like information on hold meeting in the following towns,

Whitchurch, rumored to be a new one started, I do not have any information about this group

Ludlow, meetings held on Tuesday and Fridays. These meetings have been going a long time. Now with both Welsh Borders IG and Shropshire IG

Market Drayton, meetings were held in the church hall next to the British Legion. They have now moved to the Methodist Church hall. Meetings are held on a Friday night and tend to over run. In the Potteries IG

Newtown, meetings are held at the Catholic Presbytery on Wednesdays. Joined Shropshire IG around 2002

Welshpool, this group held it meeting in the hospital grounds for a number of years. It left there not long after the death of Albert, he was mainly responsible for looking after the meeting. It moved around for a while but is now located at the Retired Gentlemen’s Club, New St off Bond St, meeting held on a Friday evening

Bishop Castle, meetings held on a Thursday evening at the Church Barn. In Cheshire IG

Oswestry, Holy Trinity Church Hall, Salop Rd, meetings held on a Monday evening. In Cheshire IG

Much Wenlock, Methodist Chapel, King St, meeting held on a Wednesday evening. This was a new meeting started in 2009. This groups was short lived and closed down a few weeks after starting.

Cleobury Mortimer, The meeting was started by Robert and Paul in November 2009. Although the local area is served by meetings in Ludlow, Bridgnorth, Kidderminster and Stourport, there were, at that time, no meetings on Wednesday evenings in any of those locations. It was felt that Cleobury Mortimer was roughly in the middle of those four towns, and there was room for a meeting on a Wednesday. The meeting enjoys loyal support locally and entertains visitors from further afield on a regular basis.

If you would like to add data to any group history or about another group in Shropshire that is not listed then email,

The more data given then the more likely it is that dates will be correct and the history of that group will be preserved.