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With all the Group changes going on at present with online meetings closing and physical meetings re-opening it is important that the “Where to Find” is kept up to date for the benefit of the still suffering alcoholic.

If there are changes to your group please notify them by going on to the AA website and completing an electronic Pink Form or even completing a paper one!

Alternatively by email
If your’s is one of many groups on the “Where to Find” showing “status unknown”. Please update them particularly if you are aware the meeting is permanently closed. After all, if it re-opens in the future you can always re-register as a new group.

At the moment, with outdated information being shown there is always the possibility of newcomers showing up for a meeting that isn’t open….this applies online as well.

Just imagine being that newcomer turning up for help to their first meeting and no one is there to help. Devastating.

To search for specific meetings, please use our Meeting Finder.