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Service Vacancies at Westway Intergroup

We currently have the following service vacancies at Westway Integroup:

Probation Liaison Officer
Prison Liaison Officer
Electronic Communications Liaison Officer
Share Liaison Officer
Brief descriptions of these service positions can be found below. If you are interested in any of these service positions, please contact the Westway Intergroup Chair at

Probation Liaison Officer
The main tasks of the Probation Liaison Officer are:

Obtaining and reading the Liaison Officers’ Pack: Probation/CJS and using it as the Liaison Officer feels appropriate, and using the AA Web site’s section on Probation/CJSWS Liaison for information and resource material
to establish/maintain links in the intergroup area with:

Offender management services dealing with non-custodial sentences
Bail hostels and similar facilities
Magistrates/Justices, local courts and court officers
Police forces
Solicitors’ organisations
Other professionals having regular contact with probationers
Report to each intergroup meeting by the Liaison Officer to keep intergroup informed on a regular basis. A copy of each intergroup report should be sent to the regional Probation/CJSWS Liaison Officer, who should be kept informed of developments in the intergroup.
Maintaining lists of contacts, Twelfth-Steppers, helpers etc so that continuity of service can be eased
Attending regional Workshops when available, and keeping in contact with the regional Liaison Officer
Attending AA’s national Probation/Criminal Justice Social Work Seminars when these are arranged
It is recommended that intergroup Liaison Officers should have ideally at least two years’ continuous sobriety when elected, and should serve for a maximum of three years.

Prison Liaison Officer
Our Fellowship has long recognised our responsibility for carrying the message of AA to the suffering alcoholic in prisons in Great Britain. It is recommended that AA groups should be established in all prisons and young offenders’ establishments.

Responsibility for sponsorship of prison groups has been placed by Conference with the intergroup and is exercised through the intergroup Prison Liaison Officer. As a member of Alcoholics Anonymous you are there by permission of the Governor and staff and it must be remembered that every Governor, although working within a national framework, has the right of decision in his or her own institution.

Familiarity with prisons in the local area and a thorough knowledge of the AA Service and Structure Handbooks for Great Britain are vital before accepting the role of Prison Liaison Officer.

Prison group sponsors are appointed according to the intergroup conscience. It is recommended that sponsors have a minimum of three years’ continuous sobriety. Security clearance is invariably necessary. Wherever possible, a team of AA sponsors should be maintained so that inmates will gain a broader view of how AA works.

Electronic Communications Liaison Officer
The principal role of the ECLO is one of liaison, communication and co-ordination between groups, intergroup, region, and the Electronics Communications Sub-Committee (ECSC) and to facilitate correlation and dissemination of relevant information between these principal service areas. Therefore a good understanding of the Traditions and Service and Structure Handbooks is more important to the role than technical knowledge.


Is the liaison point between the local Fellowship and the AAGB website team, advising the intergroup/region on the availability and use of the facilities available on the AAGB website
Is responsible for checking the accuracy of any local information posted on the website (i.e. meeting list addresses, local webpage content etc) to ensure that out of date or misleading local information is not published on the website
Plays an important role in the recruitment of national web team members (Online Responders, Forum Moderators and Technical Web Assistants), giving guidance and assistance to members applying for positions on the national web team
A minimum of three years’ sobriety is recommended, and a general competence with the use of computers.

More information on all of the advertised service positions can be found in the AA Services Handbook