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Intergroup Service Vacancies and Opportunities for Service

Intergroup Service Vacancies

Current Service Position Vacancies within London North Kent Intergroup:

HLO (Health Liaison Officer)

Please see chapter 6 (AA & Healthcare in the Community) in the AA Service Handbook for information on this position.

Regional Representative – (One of a team of three)

A regional rep can be looked at as the “GSR of intergroup” for simplicity as it is very similar the the role of GSR but at intergroup / regional level.

Telephone Service – Team Leaders

The main purpose of telephone services is to put the suffering alcoholic in touch with an individual contact (12th Step Responder) or AA group. It is the responsibility of the members of the local group to carry out the necessary Twelfth Step work, to provide a welcome to the new members and to share their experience, strength and hope with them and to help them on the road to recovery. The Hints and Suggestions card for 12th Steppers has been acknowledged for its simple and comprehensive guidance. Awareness of this card needs to be emphasised throughout the Fellowship. A telephone service requires support and participation by the groups and members in its area, not only in a financial sense, but in every aspect of its existence.

For further information or to apply for this position please email:


12th Step Responders
12th step responders play a vital role in AA as they are often the first person a newcomer has contact with after reaching out for help.

As a 12th step responder you may:

  • Make contact with a newcomer in person or by telephone.
  • Give local meeting details.
  • Take them to their first meeting.
  • Answer any questions they may have and offer reassurance.
  • Share your experience strength and hope with them.
  • See 12th Stepper Hints & Suggestions for further information.

For further information or to apply for any of the above service positions please email:

Service Position Vacancies Updated: May 2024