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Public information, Employment Liaison & Health Liaison

Public information

What we do?

A Public Information Officer gets information regarding AA out to the public, outside of meetings and try and make people aware that we are here and what we do.
We do this in various ways, such as visiting libraries to leave information posters, postcards, and wallet sized cards with the details of how to contact us on them. We try to organize public information days where a couple of us may be invited to sit at a table for a few hours and anyone who is curious about what we do can speak to us personally.
Since Lockdown, PI in London joined forces and PIOs contacted every homeless/ Drinking service in North London and councilors to let them know even though some physical meetings have not re-opened yet we are still available online and people are recovering.

How you can help?
You can do walkabouts in many ways by visiting public houses, Hotels, Restaurants. you can contact schools, Alcohol and drug services, the police.

Who can you contact?
Olivia is our Public Information Officer


What we do?

  • An Employment Liaison Officer seeks to contact employers and inform them of how Alcoholics Anonymous can assist should staff members develop problems relating to their drinking. To this end, the following information and materials may be supplied:
  • A.A. contact telephone numbers
  • A.A. publications such as ‘Alcoholics Anonymous as a Resource for Employers’ or ‘A Message for Professionals’.
  • Leaflets, posters and chips.
  • At the moment, visiting premises to talk to staff or give formal presentations is not possible due to the Coronavirus situation, although that otherwise remains within an ELO’s remit.

How you can help?
Anyone wishing to help in this enterprise can do so by bringing to the attention of their local E.L.O. details of businesses, organizations, offices and other work places where raising the profile of A.A. might be of service. Details of who specifically to contact, (names, job titles, contact numbers) are always greatly appreciated.

Who can you contact?
This position is currently vacant!


What we do?

  • Establish contact and maintain communication with local healthcare professionals and report back to Intergroup.
  • Link to any hospital-based treatments or meetings
  • Talk to any group of healthcare professional who are willing to provde the opportunity while linking to PI team.
  • Help map out current healthcare professionals and services.
  • Keep in contact with other HLO’s in the London North Region

How you can help?
Bringing to the attention of their local H.L.O. details of health related organisations
and individuals where raising the profile of A.A. might be of help. Details of who to
contact, (names, job titles, contact numbers) are useful as general approaches work
less well than an individual approach.

Who can you contact?
John K is our Health Liaison Officer.

Please email if you would like to contact any of the service members above.