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Electronic Communications Sub-Committee (ECSC) Vacancies

Can you help carry our message to the still suffering alcoholic?

The Electronic Communications Sub-committee (ECSC) invites members of our Fellowship to join us in the exciting work of using electronic communications to help those who need help, and to keep existing members informed.

Various roles exist within the sub-committee:

  • Microsite admin assists Region and Intergroup ECLOs with the set up and maintenance of their local websites within the AA-GB site structure.
  • Postmaster supports members who use the aamail.org email service, supervising the system, fighting spam etc.
  • Filestore admin monitors the use of this secure storage area, ensuring access requests are properly validated.
  • The Workplace platform is being trialled by the Board, sub-committees and by a couple of regions. WP Admin supervises the allocation of secure access and assists new users.
  • Admins of Online Response Service and ChatNow ensure the smooth operation of these essential front-line services, encourage recruitment of new responders etc.
  • Helpdesk deals primarily with a variety of service-related queries, requests for email addresses etc.

A desire to do meaningful service in a fascinating area and an interest in electronic communications are more important than anything else in these roles. Our various IT suppliers provide full technical support, so although basic computer literacy is required, more important to us is an understanding of how people communicate and the desire to help us improve what we do.

As with all Sub -committee vacancies, five years' continuous sobriety and the endorsement of your Region are required. You should be flexible in time commitments and be prepared to join us occasionally online as well as attending several meetings per year in York, where accommodation is provided and expenses paid.

You can download an application form here.

It may be returned to GSO of AA, PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green, York, YO1 7NJ or emailed to Jenny.Pryke@gsogb.org.uk by 15th October 2021.

Online Response Service (ORS)

The aim of the ORS is to reply to emails from newcomers and other members of the fellowship, encouraging the sufferer to attend a meeting or make contact via the national telephone helpline.

Job Description

Application Form

Chat Now Service

The aim of Chat Now is to give newcomers and other website visitors live contact with a member of the fellowship for helpline and local meeting information or other various questions dealing with alcoholism and AA.

Job Description

Application Form