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Terms of Reference of the Health Sub-committee

More details about the Health section terms of reference


•    The Health Sub Committee to consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight members.
•    The member’s nomination form to become a member of the Health Sub Committee  must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement  from a serving member of their Intergroup or Region.
•    The minimum sobriety requirement for Health Sub Committee membership is five years at the time of application 
•    Following an interview by the Nominations Committee the successful applicants are referred to the General Service Board {GSB} for approval
•    Each member will attend an Induction to the Health Sub committee
•    The Health Sub Committee will meet four times each year in York and / or via an approved virtual platform. If unable to attend apologies should be submitted in advance to the Health Trustee
•    Health Sub Committee members will serve for a period of four years  
•    Rotation on and off the Health Sub Committee will continue to be staggered for the purposes of continuity, all members start dates and details will be held by GSO  
•    Health Sub Committee members should be aware of National policies on alcohol and identify opportunities for AA to cooperate with services within the health sector
•    An annual review and update of health literature, media resources including the Website, File store and AA guidelines should be carried out 
•    Health Sub Committee members ought to adhere to AA Traditions, Concepts and Guidelines and adhere to the Health Sub Committee roles and responsibilities 
•    Projects to be detailed and presented by the Trustee to the GSB for approval
•    An annual budget should be submitted by the Health Trustee for GSB approval 
•    All expenses, with receipts, to be claimed via GSO as soon as possible after the event 
•    Minutes of Health Sub Committee meetings to be made available to GSO for distribution to GSB Trustees as soon as possible following approval of the minutes by the Trustee 
•    The Health Sub Committee members have responsibility to ensure that all projects and meetings etc meet the Safeguarding guidelines as recommended by Conference
•    No Health Sub Committee member can authorise the purchase of alcoholic drinks to be served at any event which they are organising or participating in on behalf of AA
•    An annual review of the Health Sub Committee Terms of Reference will be presented to the GSB for approval if appropriate

Terri S 
Trustee Health Sub Committee
January 2022