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As the pandemic has continued to disrupt our meeting structure and consistency, it is extremely important we keep our meeting details up to date. This could be in relation to a meeting no longer being on zoom, only being on zoom, a new zoom meeting, a new physical meeting etc... 

To make sure our details are correct on the website, both on our intergroup site and also our national 'Find a Meeting' Portal', we have two places we need to check. 

Our national 'Find a Meeting' Portal' which is located [HERE]
If your meeting is not listed or has a 'STATUS UKNOWN DUE TO COVID' A Pink form will need to be filled in which you can find [HERE]

Alternatively, for any small changes needed to an existing meeting entry, these can be mailed to: groupinformation@gsogb.org.uk

Our Intergroup site has a simple list of meetings that are currently either zoom or physical. This we can update within our own intergroup emailing ecomm.cwarwick@aamail.org

Our Physical Meeting list is located [HERE]
Our Online Meeting list is located [HERE]

This was setup in order to quickly update and maintain a simple list during the pandemic.
Any questions or queries please email ecomm.cwarwick@aamail.org