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Intergroup Minutes



Lusmila (vice chair) standing in for Arthur (Chair). Gavin (GSR) Standing in for Vice Chair

Welcome & Open with Preamble. Went over Voting & Speaking Procedure. Gavin Read Tradition 5 and Concept 5. 


Arthur - (GNWI Chair); Simon (Mon Nite Basic Text Mtg); Angie (Ruchill Young Persons Mtg); Maggie (TLO); Paul (Stand-in PLO)


Secretary Report:  Kirstie (ECLO) stepped in to take notes, as STILL NO SECRETARY. Lusmila stressed not only taking back to the groups but sharing it at meetings and with other AAers.


MINUTES from April 2019: 1 amendment.  Karen, ILO, position not "VACANT', as written in Apr Minutes. She sent apologies for that month. So, was ABSENT.  After that that, no other issues or amendments for the minutes. Unanimously adopted.


Public Information LO (PILO), Jean - Jean has contacted Glasgow uni about Freshers Week. She is also hoping to become a Roundabout Sub-committee Proof Reader. Looking to be endorsed by GNWI and was going to ask Arthur to endorse her. Kate (Region Roundabout LO) suggested that since Arthur is absent, if someone else could step in, seeing GNWI supports her. Charlie (GNWI Region Rep) offered to write the endorsement. GNWI voted in full majority in favour. Jean's term as PILO is up at this years AGM, and is actively seeking a new replacement.


Prison LO (PLO), Paul: This post, however is VACANT.  Please make announcement at meetings and in your group.


Please contact Paul at St Simons Wednesday if anyone is interested in prison Sponsorship or come along to our group conscience. All the sponsors meet up on the last Thursday of the month at St Mathews, Balmore Road, Glasgow at 6.30pm all visitors welcome.

Suggested sobriety for visitors to prison is one year and suggested sobriety for Prison Sponsors is two years. I have rotated out of post and will stand in until we get a new Prison Liaison officer.


Corntonvale             Attended

09/04/2019            No one attended

23/04/2019                1


Lowmoss                Attended

09/04/2019                3

23/04/2019                4


Although Corntonvale is low in numbers one of our sponsors met up with 2 former inmates. One is sober 5 years and the other is 2 years. It re-enforces how vital carrying the AA message into Prisons is.

Expenses collected for this month £56


Health LO (HLO), Pamela:  Advised all is well and good numbers. Explained what meetings GNWI is being of service to. Two Meetings at Stobhill & Gartnavel. Run by volunteers. Need volunteers for Stobhill on Thursday 1pm, 1hr. See Pamela if interested.


Criminal Justice LO (CJLO), John: David(Bearsden) covers Phoenix House - next two weeks looking for volunteer.  Garscube Friday NIght - well attended. Saturday Morning Young Persons Mtg have it for the next two months. Requested from GNWI 2 Big Books, 2 12x12, and 10 "who me?" packa, voted by full majority, no abstentions or minorities. Ian (GNWI Treasurer) will get the literature for John and reimburse from GNWI monies. Ian & john will coordinate with each other for pickup.


Employment LO (ELO) - VACANT.  Please make announcement at meetings and in your group

Armed Services LO (ASLO) -  VACANT.  Please make announcement at meetings and in your group

Young Persons LO (YPLO) - was VACANT. Then, under AOCB, Megan (GSR Woodlands Thu) stepped up to take position. She is being 12-stepped into the role by Paul, (Previous YPLO) and will have 2yrs sobriety by October. Megan was  proposed by Michelle, 2nd by Jean. Voted in unanimously by GNWI to step in as new YPLO. Congratulations, Megan.


Telephone LO (TLO), Maggie

This is GNW's week for manning Helpline. From Monday 9am - Thursday 9am we have handled 18 calls. The Helpline is very quiet but I have checked with other TLO's & this seems to be norm. Last week there were only 18 calls in total.

Please note the National Helpline number is 0800 917 7650

Other Helpline numbers for England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Isles & Isle of Man, & Ireland are listed on pages 2-5 of the current Where to Find along with times they are manned.


Numbers for Scotland

East of Scotland & Scotia 0131 225 2727

Glasgow & North West 0141 221 9027

South West Scotland & Highlands + Islands 01505 871 889

All Scottish numbers are manned 24 hours

Date of next WOSTAS meeting - Saturday 25 May 2019

Maggie will attend.



Roundabout LO (RLO): VACANT. Please make announcement at meetings and in your group


Internal LO (ILO), Karen: nothing to report.


Electronic Communications LO (ECLO), Kirstie: Nothing significant, still awaiting confirmation that everyone has their AA email addresses.


Social Convener, Steven:  Absent. No report given.


Region Rep GNWI, Charlie:  See attached Report. Reminder: Next Region Meeting 19th May.

Charlie explained the CHIT system in the report given: that it is when the court mandates someone to attend AA mtgs, the mandated person would have to get proof of attendance at meetings.  John (CJLO) will attend the subcommittee meetings with Ashleigh (assisting CJLO to John) to be informed and see how they can help it.

Lusmila talked about the importance of getting another AAmember to work alongside you in your role, so that you do not do it alone, and also, when you rotate out, you have someone very familiar with the role and responsibilities who can step in. 

Archivist, Steve: Apologised for absence due to on-going Health Issues. Charlie asked if Steve involved in the booklet for the 75th Anniversary. Steve has received some things on and off about it. Charlie asked if he could bring a report to GNWI on it next time, and keep GNWI informed about the 75th Anniversary Booklet. Steve agreed.


GNWI Treasurer, Ian: See Report attached. Thanked, Jean(PILO) for helping him that night. 7th Tradition collected that night will be added to the minutes.


Any Other Competent Business(AOCB)
Lusmila read a letter from the Committee Chair for The Rooms in Glasgow. As the Committee Chair requested this be read at all Glasgow Intergroups. Letter attached. 


Alfie asked to have his name removed from email list, as Karen (ILO) is now in his post and no longer needs the minutes emailed. Anne B of Knightswood Tues Nite Group needs a digital copy of GNWI insurance policy to give to the church.


Next GNWI: THURSDAY JUNE 6th 730PM Partick Burgh Halls. All welcome!