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Intergroup Minutes

1st August 2019 (Draft Minutes)  

Present:  Lusmila (Chairperson), Charlie (Vice Chairperson)

Apologies: Arthur (Chair), Michele, Kirsty (ECLO), Sheena

Matters arising from previous minutes:  At present minutes are not being posted to individual intergroup members due to the role of secretary being temporarily and partially covered, they are being emailed instead.  Gavin has not received his ?? Arthur to add him to the mailing list.  Lusmila advised there was a copy from of last month's minutes on the top table for view.  Vote to adopt minutes from last meeting by Jean (PI) and Jean.

No secretary report as there is currently no secretary.

Lusmila explains that when attending meeting she shares from the body of the hall that the  secretary and all other positions are vacant and need filled.

PI: Jean enquired into the cost of a stall at the Fresher's Fare being held at The Arches which covers all the Glasgow Universities, the cost being £695+VAT (charity option).   Glasgow University alone costs £850+VAT.  More information to follow on The Arches venue ?? awaiting a call.  She has asked Region to cover the cost of stall since it covers the whole of Glasgow area.  Charlie suggested we ask NWI to approve funds as the money goes to Region anyway.

Steve (Archive) raises the opinion that this is a lot of money for a service that ultimately will benefit the universities and could we look at securing support from them to reduce the cost as this is a valuable service to them.  Further, he believes an age barrier has been put on the university thing ?? specific piece of literature could perhaps work (??).  Jean responds that she is waiting to hear from her contact about this but as an area of function PI is expensive and that in comparison to other events this price is fairly reasonable

Gavin brought up the issue of student anonymity ?? they may be fearful to be seen by friends/peers.  The GSR of the Thu Women's Meeting raised the question of the fee and where exactly the money goes to.  Jean will find out and report back.  Also she asked if we could ask our group and vote on cost.  Chair advised it is too late to do this and as group reps to vote now from the point of a group conscience.  Some GSR's were uncomfortable and didn't think this was possible, Chair explains that in accordance with the Conference report we need to take ourselves out the picture and vote as a "greater good", for our group, Glasgow, and the wider whole.  10 in favour out of 13 ?? vote passed.

Details of stall availability; 18/19th September, 10am-4pm, 2 hours split shifts, 8-10 volunteers required (Charlie suggests 16 volunteers to be on the safe side as some people may drop out).  Tracy (Region YPLO) is interested finding out how she can be of help, she will speak with Jean.

HLO:  Report handed in.  In addition; day-patient meetings have been closed at Gartnavel and a re-structure to 1 meeting at Eriskay on a Saturday.  The two Gartnavel meetings are running well at present.  If interested in In-patient Friday shares please see Pamela.

YPLO:  Marney received a message from Megan, she has stepped down from the position.  It is decided that if a post has not been attended in 3 consecutive meetings, without reasonable notification, the post becomes available.

Tracy (YLPO Glas Region) spoke to Paul re YP Convention.  She want to continue with the event as it was a great success and is looking to bringing all Intergroups together for the next event.  Tracy asks if our Intergroup agree.  Chair asks do we support the concept of a YPC being held in 2019.

Internal LO:  Chair explains the role of this meeting is to go round meetings informing of vacant positions.  Karen has attended 1 meeting and as ILO to kick-start moving forward in this position.

ECLO:  No report as yet.

Social Convenor ?? Vacant:  Arthur to bring an alternative to next Intergroup for the important event of new year's place of safety.

Region Reps:  Charlie doing it all himself and explains that in the Structure Handbook it states that this role requires 3 people.  He also reports of the CHIP system, explain a court judge can order presenting person to attend AA whilst the court awaits social work reports. UID  - number of group (?)

Archive:  Archivists meeting to be help in York in September but his health may prevent him from attending.  He questions is ability to carry out the role but is hopeful.  Asked if he can attend York, health permitting, no members oppose.

Treasures Report:  £1, 400 from 11 groups.

AOB:  Next meeting on Thursday 5th September

Chairperson thanks all for attendance.

AGM:  November 2019

Gavin puts his name forward from Region Rep.  Voted in.  Next Region meeting, 8th September.

Chair closes with the Serenity Prayer