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Minutes from meeting 03/12/2017




North West Regional Assembly of Alcoholics Anonymous

Minutes of Meeting and AGM December 3rd 2017

Astley Village Community Centre, Hallgate, Astley Village,

Chorley PR7 1XA







Intergroup Reps:










Robin M


Blackpool F & W

Luke S,


Vice Chair

Jim L


Cheshire East:

Denis G, Derek B

Mike W, Diane C



Michaela L


Chester City:

Chris L, Keith B



Neil W



Johnny M


RHLO/ Health Liaison:



East Lancashire:



RTLO / Telephones:



Liverpool City:

Simon D


RECLO/Electronic Comm

Greggy B



Sue C , Dave G


RASLO/ Armed Services

Steve W


Merseyside & SW Lancs:



Board Trustee:

Denise H


North East Wales:

Ken D


RPI/ Public Information:

Julie P


North West:

Jim L,


RPLO/ Prison Liaison




Mike F, Tom D


RELO/ Employment Liaison

Probation Liaison

Young Person’s Liaison

RALO/ Archivist:




Charlie C





Share Liaison Rep

Charlie C











Conference Delegates:







Mary Mc


Donna G Wirral




Phil H


Matt B Cumbria




Carl B






Geoff F


Eva F

Peter V (Alt)

Simon (Alt)

Michaela L(Alt)   






NNC Committee Delegates:

Simon D

Michaela L 

Eva L

Julie P

















Please note some attendees are listed more than once if they have multiple roles at Region.



Apologies: Christine D, Duncan (Cumbria)






            Welcome, Silence, Preamble, Purpose of Region and Traditions.


Introductions and Apologies


Previous Minutes: Proposed by Simon and seconded by Tom D.


Matters arising:


·         None.


           Point of information: To avoid a conflict of interest Neil as Treasurer is not eligible to be Regional Rep as well



Chair’s Report: Robin M. Full report submitted and previously circulated. (Edited version below)

·         NW Region has six vacant service positions: Employment, Health, Prisons, Probation and Public Information, YPLO.  Nominations to fill these vacancies are invited. 

·         New email account: for use with any AA business.

·         Jim L (Vice Chair) has kindly offered to take on the responsibilities NW Region Chair has towards the NNC.

·         Due to administrative difficulties the change to internet banking has taken slightly longer than hoped but should be in operation before the end of this year.

·         Although it has been a year since the topic of the 12 Concepts was first raised it has not been forgotten.  The constraints of time will only facilitate any in depth discussion of them at the September Assembly (see minutes of our last Assembly).  However the Concepts Checklist is an active document and can be an aid to any service meeting, including Regional Assemblies.  


         Vice Chair’s Report – Jim L Full reported submitted and attached. (Edited version below)

·         Jim went through his report which included details of standing in for Robin at the AGM of the Northern National Convention

·         Jim’s report is attached to these minutes as it wasn’t previously circulated.

·         Vacancy for NNCC for March 2018 meeting



Secretary’s Report: Michaela

·         Please can offcie reports be submiitedd to Secretary for distribution at least 1 week before meeting (anything submitted after that will not be disctribued).

·         Please can IG reps take back to their groups the vacancies available at Region.

·         Michaela apologised for not circulating the Vice Chair’s report before the metting which was submitted in plenty of time.


      Treasurer’s Report: Neil W             Report provided on the day  

·         The Assembly voted to keep 10,000 as a prudent reserve and send 4,000 to GSO.


      GSB Trustee Report:  Denise H      Full report submitted and circulated. (Edited version below)

·         Denise confirmed that groups, intergroups and regions should be spending money on AA’s primary purpose.  Investments have been good and the financial status of AA GB is healthy.

·         If anyone has any suggestions for suitable non-alcoholic Trustees, let Jenny at GSO know.

·         5 new videos for professionals will be shown at Conference in 2018.


      North West Region’s Intergroups vacant Service Positions


NNCC Delegate – no nominations

Regional Employment Liaison Officer – no nominations

Regional Health Liaison Officer - no nominations

Regional Prison Liaison Officer - no nominations

Regional Probation Liaison Officer – no nominations


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE OF VACANCIES BACK TO INTERGROUP                                                 





    Ratification of Officers


·         Officers ratified.  Please see attached list


     Conscience meeting

·         The primary purpose of Region and the role of its elected regional officers is to serve the Intergroups. 

·         Conference Delegates feedback:  Primarily to convey to Region the decisions and recommendations of their respective committees.

·         It was acknowledged that the Assembly should give sufficient time to Conference Delegates to explain their reports and take and answer questions which may clarify a Committee decision.



Liason Officers Reports:


    Archivist – Charlie C       

·         It was approved for Charlie to have accommodation expenses paid for 2 nights supervised access to regional archives in York.


    Armed Services Liaison Officer –Steve W Full report provided and circulated. (Edited version below)


·         Since our last Regional meeting it has been quite a busy time fact finding and delivering the message of AA.

·         Going back to basics I sent out an email to Chairs of the 10 Intergroups. The reason for this was to inform groups that the role of ASLO is available and help will be available; if filled; by myself.  Out of the 10 I had replies from 3. (Liverpool, St Helens & Cumbria


·         My first visit was to Liverpool 8th October.  Although nobody at the meeting volunteered I did make contact with Steve who is willing to assist in the works of Tom Harrison House, Launch Pad and Veterans project, Liverpool and Everton FC.  A date to meet up will be planned soon.


·         Second was St Helens 12th October.  Although a small meeting that day (where 38 meetings take place in this area), I have volunteered to have a stand for the Dawn Holland Convention 27th May 2018.


·         During September I was asked to attend; with Fred E; the Northern Hub for Veterans and Military families research National Conference up in Newcastle 16th November 2017.  All in all it was a very productive conference.  It gave an insight on how the NHS is trying to tackle this problem with very little backing.  By being there gave help to numerous people who came to our stand to try and understand how we work in AA and the Armed Services.  Literature was being taken and questions were asked and answered.


·         Chair thanked Steve for his service and commitment to his role.



    RECLO (Electronic Communications) - Greggy B Full report provided and circulated (Edited version below)


·         I would like to encourage the use of the AA email addresses which is specific to your service role at region.  A number of officers have taken the opportunity to access the email account and password as I have described in previous reports and I have received no issues reported to me regarding the use of these addresses. Please follow link or access direct through main AA website to obtain email address and access.


·         There are currently 11 intergroups listed in the North West region. 6 of these are currently filled with Electronic Communications Liaison Officers (ECLO’s) some on a temporary basis. With this in mind I have pasted the job description of the role of ECLO from the service handbook below and ask that each intergroup rep encourages that the vacancy if applicable to your intergroup be filled. To this end I am available to be contacted to encourage or offer advice on the role to anyone expressing an interest in this position.



·         I wish to emphasise that the maintenance of the information available on the website (ie meetings, local and area telephone numbers etc.) is imperative to the still suffering alcoholic (and AA members). This information IS REGULARLY used and passed onto the people who are in need of it by the online responders and is a vital source of information to the alcoholic/problem drinker as a point of first contact/12 stepper/meeting. The accuracy and availability as can be seen falls into the remit of the ECLO’s.    I am willing if available to attend any intergroup meeting if required to explain this service role.


·         Also forming part of electronic communications is the “Chat now” service which can be found under the electronic communications tab under the Members-Service link of the main AA U.K. website.   (


·         If any officer requires any information posting on the website please contact me via email and if appropriate I will “paste” the details. Please send them to me ASAP in order that the information is up to date/current.



    Prison Liaison Vacant position


    Probation Liaison Vacant position


    Public Information: Julie P  Full report provided and circulated (Edited version below)


·         I attended the Regional PI meeting and seminar which took place at GSO on the 15th and 16th September. It was well attended from PI’s across the country and our own Daniel C gave a great presentation on advertising using the case studies of work done in Liverpool, Manchester and London.


·         The second day saw Intergroup PI’s attend a one day seminar which covered all aspects of PI including my presentation on Press release creation and we used examples of press coverage from the Region based on that release. The seminar was well attended with around 60 people in the room.


·         The full Regional report from this event is attached to the end of this report for those who would like more detail. Daniel C will be able to provide the PowerPoint display to those who need it.


·         I also set up and attended the CIPD exhibition in Manchester. This was done with  Julian B from Manchester Intergroup. Thanks to Steve and Andrea who also helped to man the stand.


·         Extra AA literature was also picked up from GSO for use by Region. The event was really well attended with some top notch employers like EE , Vodafone and Manchester Met attending. Julian took details of those companies from Manchester and the remaining contacts were forwarded to GSO. The stand has been booked for next year as well and Julian is gathering a team of PI helpers to assist with daytime, weekday events.


·         This is my last report to Region as I rotate out in March 2018 and will be leaving now to take on another service role. Thank you all so much for your support in my three years as North West Region Public Liaison Officer.  It has been a real pleasure to take on this service.


·         Vote of thanks offered to Julie from Robin on behalf of the Committee for all of Julie’s hard work and commitment in her role and the impact she has had.



·         The Assembly agreed proposals for advertising spend.  Full details attached. 


                  Manx Radio - a 30 second advert, played twice a day throughout every day of January for 514.80


                  Liverpool Airport Posters  - 14 week contract is 1793.52 inclusive of VAT.


                  Motorway Service Stations -  4120 ex vat (4944 including VAT) for a 2 week campaign in January


    Share Liaison

·         Charlie requested a letter of invitation regarding Share magazine.


    Telephones – Chris D no report submitted.


    Young Person’s Liaison Officer Vacant


    Northern National Convention Report (Edited version below)


·         Eva asked that members be aware that when people are calling to book the NNC to make sure that they are speaking to the hotel and not an agency as they are not getting the preferential rate when they do this.

·         NNCC have now secured a three year deal with the hotel at a fixed cost the only difference being there is no discount for pre-booking the hotel and no free coffee vouchers for attendees staying at the hotel.

·         The election of officers resulted in the following positions being filled, the elected positions to be taken up after the current member rotates out, giving time for the existing service holder to sponsor the new person into the role.

·         Elected positions: Mark – Chair Eva – Vice Chair – Bill – Secretary.

·         It was pointed out there will be one remaining service position to be filled from NW region by March 2018.

·         1000 convention flyers will be delivered to each region by December 2017.

·         The new Al-Anon representative for the convention was present Nicki and gave a brief report and confirmed Al-Anon’s commitment to the Convention.

·         There was some considerable discussion regarding the archive information that our Archivist Charlie has compiled on the history of the Northern National Convention, it was acknowledged by the Assembly that a tremendous amount of work by Charlie had resulted in the compilation of a vast amount of historical data which Charlie has compiled onto his CD.




Regional YPLO - Diane C nominated and elected.

Regional PILO – Jim L nominated and elected.














The meeting ended with the Serenity prayer


Next Meeting and AGM:


Sunday 4th March 2018 11.00 am, Astley Village Community Centre 

Refreshments to be provided by Manchester Intergroup


Minutes compiled by Michaela L

NW Region Secretary



February 2018