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November 2023

When I meditate, I certainly find I connect so much better with my inner self and my Higher Power.

November 2023 - SHARE EDITORIAL

Dear Reader

When I meditate, I certainly find I connect so much better with my inner self and my Higher Power. It’s so much easier to let go of concerns and trust all will be well when I feel at peace. Don’t get me wrong, I can resist meditating, and praying, just like a little kid digging in their heels and whinging, “Don’t want to.” These days, instead of beating myself up, I’m aware of the resistance and just try to ‘go with the flow’, letting go until I’m ready. 

I always questioned how I could know what the ‘next right thing’ was or if I was following my Higher Power’s will or was it my ‘self-will run riot’. Today, through working Step Eleven daily, I know that when I feel that inner peace and tranquillity, no matter what is happening externally, I’m on the right track. Each day, I at least ask for the strength to cope with what happens today – that’s all I need. Of course, I need the energy to reflect on and plan those tasks which are part of my life going forward but I no longer need to waste energy on overthinking. This amazing Fellowship has taught me to be aware when this is happening, to lighten up and let go of the outcome – so long as I’ve done my bit. 

AA has such wonderful suggestions, such as the Step Three and Step Seven prayers, the Just for Today card, the Serenity Prayer and much more,  to help build our own prayer life, alongside any other practices we feel can help us improve our conscious contact with our HP. It’s such a spiritual way to be – I’m so grateful to have the Twelve-Step Programme as my blueprint for dealing with the realities of life.

I just love Tradition Eleven. I’m totally committed to ‘attraction rather than promotion’ and always use ‘raising awareness’ when involved in public relations work for AA. I also love the phrase  ‘anonymous, not invisible’ as it is just as important today, as it was in the early days, to get the AA message to all those who need the AA Twelve-Step spiritual Programme of recovery. The methods used in raising awareness of what exactly this Programme is about have evolved but still take time and effort. We need to continue to shine a light on exactly how we, as individuals, apply the  Programme in our own lives, by sharing our personal experience, strength, and hope - warts and all. Personal anonymity is a reminder it’s not all about me – it’s about how the Programme has helped me in raising awareness of who I really am.


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