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June 2023

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Dear Reader

How do I approach Step Six? - by being honest, open and willing.  By now, I had total trust in the Programme and a wonderful relationship of mutual trust with my sponsor. I read and reread Chapter Six in the Twelve and Twelve, blown away by the clarity it gave me. It really emphasises that my biggest problem is me!

Having made a comprehensive list of my wrongs, through working Step Five, I was ready for these defects of character to be removed. While I realised that connecting with my Higher Power regularly was an extremely important spiritual tool in my recovery, it took time to realise that regular didn’t mean just daily, but as often as needed throughout each and every day. For me, handing over can seem easy, it’s the ‘not taking back’ that requires constant vigilance. Throughout my day, thanks to the Programme, I often become aware that I’m ‘back in charge’ and just have to take a minute to let go, again. Of course, being human, I often just carry on - and those times coincide with my less serene days. I continue to be a work in progress and am extremely grateful, most of the time to let go of the need to be perfect.

It's also important for me to keep the Traditions and Concepts to the forefront when selecting/editing articles for publication in SHARE. Tradition Six reminds us that AA does not endorse anything and to stay focused on our primary purpose of carrying the AA message… 

…and on that note, we really do need more articles from more Fellows. To those who regularly contribute we are extremely grateful - perhaps you could encourage others to consider sending in an article, as you have done. To you, our readers, please consider writing an article about your recovery journey, expressing your personal experience, strength and hope. I often hear people sharing in meetings with so much heart about their recovery journey and wish they would just put pen to paper in the same way. So, remember the slogan ‘Easy Does It – But Do It!’ and just sit down and write how you feel about your recovery journey at this point in time. We are not looking for dissertations on the AA Programme, just your story of H.O.W. the AA Programme is working (or not) in your life. 

If you include quotations from Conference approved literature (CAL), please ensure you include what AA literature you are referring to and the relevant page number.  We look forward to hearing from you.