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Share is our story, share yours.

There are many AA members who are unable to go to meetings: the housebound, some single parents with children, those in the armed services, on oil rigs, in prisons or hospitals, who rely on Share for their meeting between meetings - and sometimes instead of one. Please take the time to write and share your experience, strength and hope with them.

Whether you are a newcomer, old-timer, or an ordinary member we would like to hear your story just as at any other meeting. Not only that but, putting pen to paper can enhance your own sobriety and that of the whole Fellowship.

Each issue of Share always features that month's corresponding Step and Tradition (January Step/Tradition One through to December Step/Tradition 12). We need your article at least two months before the relevant topic is due to appear, for example, for Step or Tradition Three (March) by mid-January, and so on.

Articles and/or Letters to Share

The Editorial Team (Share Sub Committee) would very much like to hear from a wide diversity of contributors with their experience of recovery from our threefold illness.  It is important to have as much variety of Experience, Strength and Hope expressed as possible - especially for the benefit of the Newcomer - but also to hold the interest of regular readers.

You don't need to be a polished author. Spelling and grammar will all be amended - if necessary. You can write just a few lines or more (up to 1,000 words max please), but we do not publish poetry or obituaries.

Publication of any article does not imply endorsement by Alcoholics Anonymous or Share.  Personal opinions expressed in letters or articles should not be attributed to the Fellowship.  There is no payment for contributions and they cannot be returned.  The Editor may edit material and cannot guarantee to publish any contribution.  Anonymity will be protected, but contributors and correspondents are asked to include a contact address or telephone number (not for publication), so their contribution can be acknowledged.  Share does not have the resources to advise authors if and/or when their article will appear in print.

If you have been a contributor to Share, why not encourage your AA friends/sponsees to do so, too?

Criteria for Photographs

All photographs submitted must be free from any possible identification of persons, implied endorsement or affiliation with any specific organisation, political, cultural, ethnic or denominational identity, and should not include identifiable public buildings properties, notices or similar content.  Likewise, we can only accept pictures members have taken personally.  Photographs need to be saved and submitted as either high resolution JPEGs (file size should be abut 2MBs) or TIFFs/BMPs (should be at least 6MBs files).  Portrait is the best layout for Share.

Please note: material submitted can neither be returned, nor is it guaranteed to be published in any specific publication or within a specific timescale.  All submissions will be deemed to be free from copyright and will become the copyright properties of The General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous (Great Britain) Limited, Registered Charity Nos. 226745: SCO38023 on behalf of Share Magazine, unless prior licensing arrangements have been agreed.


Share is also looking for budding cartoonists.  Can you create a black and white cartoon that expresses your experience of alcohol or where it took you?  If so, the Share Team would like to hear from you.

Send your contributions to:

The Editor
General Service Office
PO Box 1
10 Toft Green
York YO1 7NJ

Or e-mail your article / letter / cartoon / photographs to: AAShare@gsogb.org.uk

Or write and submit your contribution directly online, using this link