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WELCOME, DEAR READER, to this month's SHARE. Well, here we are in September already (yes, I know, where does the time go ...) and this month we have a bumper crop of articles and features for you to enjoy. Yes indeed, we have harvested a veritable feast ... Okay, enough of the agricultural talk as I am in danger of over-egging it. Again. And that would be rather tiresome.

On a serious note, this month there was a lack of articles and letters received at GSO. Now, we know that everything slows down during the holiday period and that some Steps and Traditions are more popular than others (in respect of articles received, at least) but please remember that SHARE is YOUR magazine and whilst it is edited and put together by the Share sub-committee it should be primarily written by YOU. Whilst it is always nice to reprint material from the archive and give our sister publications, Roundabout and The Road Back, some page space (yes, really) we would rather see those pages filled with fresh Experience, Strength and Hope from YOU ...

Right, why have we got a picture of wheat on the front cover this month, then? Well, by the time this lands on your doormats or you pick it up at a meeting, it will be harvest time. Now, the crop that you see here is in good heart whereas an adjacent field is not; that one is wind-damaged, decaying and largely a write-off. This inspired the title. It occurred to me that if we are to thrive in our recovery we need to nurture it, just as farmers nurture their crops and livestock. They reap what they sow, and so do we alcoholics in our recovery: the more we put in, the more we get back.

**** ** ****

Finally, it has come to my attention that July's cartoon may have caused minor offence. On behalf of the SHARE 

sub-committee, I apologize unreservedly if this was indeed the case, as this was never our intention.

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