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Taking AA Recovery Abroad

Taking AA Recovery Abroad: Fellowship Away from Home

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Three years ago we visited Crete for a holiday, and as usual looked in the 'Where to Find' to check out any meetings in the area, to see if there was any chance of squeezing in a meeting whilst away from home. Drinking and holidays were a disastrous combination for me and caused untold misery in the end, so to go to a meeting whilst away from home always feels a special privilege in sobriety. An important reminder of 'how it was', 'what happened' and 'how it is now'!

As luck would have it there was an English speaking weekly meeting in Chania, just an hour's bus ride away from where we were staying. The contact was an American living on Crete - we phoned her to check if the meeting was running and said when we would be coming along. Such a welcoming response from our American Fellow. We knew that we would be ok turning up at the meeting for 7pm start. The AA sign on the door was a good familiar sight.

Meetings in foreign countries and away from home in the UK have saved my recovery, helped me to remember who I am, and most importantly kept me away from the first drink. I have also been to meetings whilst working away from home or visiting family for happy times and also sadder times. In the last few years, both my parents have died - AA meetings have helped me to stay sober regardless of what is happening and to feel 'a part of' and at times helped me to help other alcoholics connect to this great Fellowship. They have also taught me much about making the visitor truly welcomed.

Travelling to Crete over the last few years has only been possible because I am sober. The warm welcome at an AA meeting is second to none for us. Chania welcomes many visitors from around the world and the weekly meeting reflects this diversity with a range of countries represented. We are planning to spend more time on this beautiful island hoping to become regulars at the Tuesday evening Chania meeting as part of these travel plans.

So if you are travelling to Crete or anywhere outside of your home group don't forget to check the AA meetings.