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A Gift From God

A Gift From God

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I am now sober for a bit less than three months. I would like to share to everyone that I am feeling great , that I have the feeling that I was reborn and I am rediscovering life again now at the age of 41, after so many years of excessive drinking, which got significantly worse in the past year. After so many years of struggling to live the life of an alcoholic who was actually always trying to convince himself that he is not as such, I finally found the right place for me and that place is called A.A.

From the first minutes I was warmly welcomed and hugged as an old friend, I found people who sounds just like me, people who understand me and people who I understand. I am now working the Steps with my sponsor. Sometimes this a hard task, but this is the way it is actually supposed to be. This is the way we get stronger and fight our illness. I think that A.A. is just a gift from the loving God, not just to us, the alcoholics, but to everyone in our lives, no matter if it is a relative, a friend or just the person in the car in front of us during the rush hour. Thank you God for the existence of A.A.!

A grateful alcoholic.