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March 2022

Read Share Magazine March 2022

Dear Reader

Here we are in March and I am no longer ‘as mad as a March hare’ as the season turns to Spring nor ‘as mad as a hatter’ due to ingesting poison, which alcohol is to me.

I am so grateful for Step Three and to realise that, along with Steps One and Two, I can let go and the serenity I had been searching for is there.  Understanding that trusting in a Higher Power means willingly and fully committing to Step Three on a constant basis, and that this is where the pathway of sanity is, becomes clearer on a daily basis.  Keeping a clear head in challenging times and having tools to enable us to keep building on that trust in our own Higher Power is what this amazing Programme of recovery is all about. Acceptance of what is – with many situations outside our control – and having the Step Three prayer (BB p. 63) to constantly refer to, really helps in keeping us on the spiritual pathway in sobriety.  We also have many opportunities to enhance our recovery within the Fellowship and in June we have the AA GB 75th Anniversary Convention at Leeds Direct Arena. 

In these changing times it is also important to keep in mind all our Traditions and Concepts, as well as our Steps.  Tradition Three, (Long Form) “Our membership ought to include all who suffer from alcoholism…” (AA Structure Handbook for Great Britain p.16) clearly states that this Fellowship is open to everyone.  “The basic principles…hold good for individuals with many different lifestyles…” (BB p.xxii) and that it is with tolerance, compassion and understanding that our Fellowship continues to evolve.

Once again, thank you for all the wonderful articles you send in – keep them coming – but please keep them less than 1000 words. Sadly, some articles have even been over 2000 words so do think about putting these articles into a few shorter submissions.

Share Magazine March 2022

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